About Us

BELLA JOIAS, a multi national conglomerate has been the family owned and operated for over 30 years. As the premier manufacturer of 18k gold layered jewelry. generation to generation family members have passed on the experience that has made and maintains BELLA JOIAS as the premier name in gold layer manufacturing and distribution, with world wide distribution in over 4 continents,BELLA JOIAS has expanded and service millions  of loyal customers.

BRAND LOYALTY and QUALITY comes from our time honored and perfected manufacturing , craftsmanship and our distinct attention to detail.our customer loyalty also comes with our unmatched customer service.every item that we produce is inspected and quality controlled,we don't inspect randomly as some do.if it bears our name, it has to be perfect.

To create a product that can make a difference in people's lives.

To offer alternative jewelry that meet the customer's highest requirements while maintaining an ethic position to manufacture products of high quality, anti-allergic and fair price.
To respect customers and collaborator.
To preserve a pollutant free and secure environment for future generations.
To be recognized as the worldwide leader in the alternative jewelry market.

To have integrity while having passion to manufacture a product with the highest quality.