About Bella Joias Jewelry Miami

Bella Joias Jewelry Miami


Bella Joias Jewelry in Miami is a family owned multi-national company established over 30 years ago. As a premier manufacturer and distributor of the finest Brazilian 18k gold layered jewelry, with tradition passed down through generations, Bella Joias Jewelry Miami is the top choice for jewelry resellers in the US.

With the main store located in Miami area, near the airport, Bella Joias Jewelry brings to end customers and resellers a large variety of the finest and best quality   Brazilian 18K Golden Jewelry with applications in zirconia, rhinestones and crystals, such as Wedding Bands, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and all sorts of Jewelry.

We offer to every costumer a ONE YEAR factory warranty in all products. Also all of the merchandise is hypoallergenic. All products are manufactured and imported from Brazil. Learn more about the famous tradition of the Brazilian Gold Layered Jewelry visiting our blog.

Bella Joias Jewelry praises itself for the high quality of handmade jewelry, using high-tech finishing equipment, ensuring high durability on each piece. We plate our jewelry in THICK GOLD LAYERS (yellow gold and white gold) higher than the average of the market, making a semi-jewelry very similar to real jewelry. 

That's why Bella Joias Jewelry is highly recognized internationally for it's quality, durability and uniqueness.